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Cost to join our homeschool group for the 2022-2023 School year is $35 per family. Membership for the upcoming school year opens June 1st. 

We are a Christian group and operate under Biblical principles. We expect our families to conduct themselves accordingly. Please review our What We Believe page to verify that our group is a good fit for your family.

Our Membership year runs from June to May. Our School year (for all classes) runs from September to May (approx. 30 weeks). 

Included in Membership:

  • Access to our private member's website
  • Field trips, special events, and other group activities
  • Registrations and Sign-ups
  • Additional Resources

Additional Services:

  • PSP Admissions 
    • Includes:
      • Membership
      • All Record Keeping
      • Counseling/Mentorship
      • Developing a 4 Year Plan
      • Transcripts and Diplomas for grades 9-12
  • Classes
    • Co-op (in person)
    • Online 
  • Transcript Review
    • Included in PSP Admissions
  • Transcript Creation 
    • Included in PSP Admissions
  • Developing a 4 Year Plan
    • Included in PSP Admissions
  • Diploma 
    • Included in PSP Admissions upon request
  • Course Description Review & Editing
    • Includes review of your course descriptions & 1 edit 
  • Customized Course Descriptions 
    • Includes 1 counseling session, 1 rough draft, 1 edit, and 1 final draft.
  • Comprehensive High School Portfolio (includes all 4 years of high school) - Includes 2 counseling sessions, 1 rough draft, 1 edit, and 1 final draft.
    • Table of Contents
    • Customized Course Descriptions
    • Curriculum and Texts used
    • Awards and Achievements
    • Grade Scale
    • PDF 

Each family is required to complete the following Membership Form. Members will need to rejoin every year STARTING June 1st and keep their information up to date and active in order to participate.

*This site may require other information or dues before approving web site membership.


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Additional Questions

Payment Instructions

Please submit your payment for our $35 non-refundable membership fee. 

Families who wish to enroll in our PSP program, please choose the appropriate grade level and quality below. 

Class Registration(s) is available after application approval. 

Payment is due at the time of registration. After 10 days of non-payment, students will be withdrawn from classes or our PSP program.

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