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General Information

Homeschoolers in grades 2nd-12th located in and around San Diego County are welcome to join our home-based, parent-led Co-op.

Co-op students are not required to join our PSP, however, membership is required.

In order to register for classes, please complete our Membership Form. We value the safety of our students, therefore, membership is required in order to access the private side of our website. 

Although you are not required to register for every class, we do request students only skip one period in between. Co-op is not a babysitting service, this is an environment for learning to love all the subjects God has designed. Students who skip one period are expected to sit quietly and work on their schoolwork in a study hall like atmosphere. Parents are not available for tutoring or babysitting. 

Course information (description, prerequisites, curriculum, fees, etc) can be accessed by clicking on the class title of interest, below.

Our Co-op Schedule is as follows:

We meet every Monday from 9/12 to 5/15, with the exception of holiday's.

All information is on our member's calendar.

  • 9:45am Pledge of Allegiance & Prayer (All students may participate)
  • 10:00am Bible (All Ages)
  • 11:00am Science (All Ages)
  • 12:00pm Language Arts (bring a snack) (Middle + High) / Lunch (Elementary)
  • 1:00pm History (Middle + High) / Board Game Bonanza (Elementary)
  • 2:00pm Cooking/Book Club (w/Lunch for Middle + High) / PE (Elementary)
  • 3:15pm Clean Up (All Ages)
  • 3:30pm Pick Up (doors close) (All Ages)

All classes are designed as combination classes to include 6th-12th grade students. Willow Ridge chooses curriculum that spans multiple ages, therefore, older students may have more homework or more advanced assignments than younger students. 

All Co-op Students will receive a weekly syllabus to keep track of their homework assignments. Because we meet in person, students will be responsible to update their weekly syllabus as needed.

All fees are explained in the class description. All curriculum will be available for pick up at our Mandatory Open House (see calendar), with the exception of Book Club and additional resources.

All Co-op classes are non-refundable.

Please make sure to have basic school supplies accompanying your student on the first class day. Additional items to bring: Water, sunscreen, and a healthy snack.

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Mixed Grades
All Inclusive Elementary
*Elementary Co-op
2nd - 5th
Jazel Batac, Christina Werner
10 AM Bible
Cold Case Christianity
6th - Adult
Diana Kluwin
11 AM Science
Marine Biology + Beginning Chemistry
6th - 12th
Diana Kluwin, Lillian (Asst.)
12 PM Language Arts
IEW's US History-Based Writing
6th - 12th
Diana Kluwin
1 PM History
Timeless Treasures & Tragedies
6th - 12th
Diana Kluwin, Lillian (Asst.)
2 PM Cooking
Tasteful Table (Semester 1)
6th - 12th
Michelle Harder
2 PM Elective
Book Club (Semester 2)
6th - 12th
Diana Kluwin