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PSP Admissions

What is a PSP?

A PSP is a Private School Satellite Program, or in other words a private school that files an affidavit with the California Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

Willow Ridge Academy can be your school of record, allowing you to focus on building relationships with your student(s). 

Parents are in full authority over their child's education and Willow Ridge Academy's Homeschool PSP can assist families with accountability, record keeping, curriculum choices, counseling support, and more.

Willow Ridge Academy embraces a parent's God-given right to choose what is best for their children, therefore, we exist to encourage each family, equip them for the journey of homeschooling, and engage in productive discussions to embrace the freedoms we hold dearly. 

*PSP families can outsource any courses they wish, so they are not limited to instructing every subject or course at home. We have several courses to choose from if you are interested, but it is not required of PSP families. 

*Willow Ridge Academy accepts PSP enrollment for K-12 students. 

PSP Requirements

PSP Families are required to obtain and/or submit the following:

  1. Become a Member of Willow Ridge Academy
  2. Obtain membership with HSLDA
  3. Complete a Course of Study
  4. Complete our PSP Policies form 
  5. Submit Semester Attendance + Grades
  6. Immunization Record - "Homeschool exempt SB277" 

PSP Annual Fees

PSP Enrollment Fees:

  • K-8th $200 per student per year
  • 9th-12th $325 per student per year

*Membership included

Become a member and enroll TODAY!